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Addictions, anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, PTSD, panic

Topics Covered

Addictive Behaviour’s and/or Pattern’s

Some behaviours, ‘habits’ and/or ‘chronic’ conditions become patterns of addiction ‘clouding’ your reality, feelings, interactions with other people, places and things in your life.  You might drink too much coffee/tea, soft-drinks or energy drinks, eat too much foodsweets or chocolate, or be on the internet or social media, over-exercise or work, shop too much, gamble or even care too much for others thereby neglecting yourself. I can help you understand these patterns of anxiety coaching you how to live in today making better choices in your life.

Alcohol &/or Drugs

Alcohol, illicit drugs and prescription medications are used to make us feel better, perhaps more relaxed, happier, easily fitting in with friends to have more fun or to experience new emotions. Sometimes through traumas, mental illness, chronic pain, circumstances and genetics this can lead to these being overused or misused. You may experience cravings, withdrawal symptoms and unease ignoring any warnings or concerns from others suggesting that you cut down or stop using so much. You may have embarrassing or forgetful moments, blackouts or be struggling financially, having relationship and career difficulties, caring less about yourself and the world outside, have low self-esteem etc. You may have tried having more willpower moderating your use, used other substances, had days off then binged… all to no avail.

There is help, all you need to do is to ask for it. I will listen and support in your recovery one day at a time using my specialised mentoring, support and therapy techniques. Together we can create a plan of recovery tailored to suit your needs bringing hope, freedom and choice back into your life again! There is a new way forward…to live freely and happily … Just call me NOW!

Anger & Stress

Maybe you find yourself feeling stressed and/or angry, even raging without control, being unable to stop these irrational thoughts and actions that can lead to abuse, violence, bullying, resentments, unhappiness and cut-offs from all that seemed important in your life. Stress can escalate to a point where anger and/or fear takes over, you become stuck’ in a cycle of negative consequences leading to even more catastrophes, trauma and problems. Perhaps this is a pattern of behaviour you have experienced in your family of origin or one you’ve fallen into. I can help you learn to Pause, to become aware of the triggering emotions behind these actions giving you a chance to make new choices towards change and living your life forward in today.

Depression & Anxiety

If you suffer depression and/or anxiety in your life today you will feel less motivated, overwhelmed perhaps unable to cope with daily tasks.  Depression can cause profound sadness, helplessness, despair, discouragement and hopelessness, it can be difficult to diagnose and to treat long-term. Anxiety may cause agitation, restlessness, fear, overwhelm and physical symptoms such as chest tightness, heart pounding, difficulty breathing, sweating and panic attacks. These states will seem to be relentless and persistent  and prevent you from leading a ‘normal’ happy and fulfilled life. I can coach you through simple processes new skills and techniques to calm and cope with your feelings and emotions in a more positive, gentle, friendly and relaxing way.

Life’s transitions

In our lives we experience beginnings/endings, grief/loss, relationship breakdowns with life going too slowly or changing to quickly. You may feel exhausted, overwhelmed, vulnerable, anxious and/or stressed. Some events or crisis may leave you feeling lost, wondering which way to go, caught up in too much drama, your life is spiralling out of control etc. You may be trying to grasp to hold onto ‘something’ or find some ‘anchoring’ point that can move you towards your the stage in your life. I can help you using mentoring and coaching skills and techniques to guide and support you towards finding fulfilment with your goals, hopes and aspirations.

Intimacy & Sex

Does intimacy and sex frighten you? Do you trust closeness, understanding, friendship that a loving friendship or relationship with another can bring? You might feel you are the one keeping the relationship going, you may have too many expectations or you may feel alternatively that too much is being demanded from you in a relationship. Perhaps you boundaries are becoming confused? Or you are feeling vulnerable, angry, too happy or sad, have low self-esteem or are anxious about your role in a relationship? Talking with a professional counsellor and psychotherapist will help you clarify your feelings and emotions. You will be able to set more boundaries, move forward in your life towards the kind of relationship you want to have. Come talk to me – you can always bring your partner too, it helps to have a ‘third’ person to guide you in your decision-making.

Relationships & Family

Although relationships, friends and family support you through most of your life’s difficulties there maybe times life can still seem baffling and/or confusing evenn with all this help and advice. Perhaps you may need to discuss these with a professional counsellor or therapist? I can help you learn skills and techniques that gently will empower you in matters concerning intimacy, commitment, fertility, separation, divorce, children, anger, grief, loss, anxiety, depression, suicide, family safety, problems with school, friends, extended family, re-partnering, alcohol, drugs, violence and abuse. I will teach you how to Pause, gently listening to your body in a kind, friendly and curious manner. The answers you are looking for will come.

Self Esteem

Your self esteem, or what you think of yourself can take a battering with life challenges, people and circumstances. You may feel despair, shame, guilt – the flip-side pride and triumph; your self-confidence may go; your anxiety increases, you might become panicky, depressed or stressed  blaming yourself all the time, feeling hopeless. I can carefully listen to you and use my coaching and professional counselling skills and techniques to understand your values and beliefs and where they come from. You will begin to understand what triggers these and learn how to listen to these ‘voices’ or concerns. You will feel relaxed, finding peace, contentment and acceptance in your life as it is today.

Trauma & Phobias

Do you often go back over past traumatic incidents and/or phobias that leave you feeling ‘stuck’ or ‘frozen’ unable to move on with your life? Do you experience anxiety, despair, panic, sweating, rapid heartbeats, disorientation, confusion, feeling overwhelmed or splitting off – not knowing what or how to respond to situations or issues arising in  your life today? We are thrown many life events, misfortunes and issues which can traumatise us or make us feel fearful. We might have tried professional help int he past and now feel we can never recover.  I can teach you some skills and techniques to help you recognise where these are coming from, how to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Through mindful relaxation, I will gently guide you in your body’s processing to sense inside, feel little shifts, steps forward, learning new techniques to self-sooth and perhaps these trapped feelings and emotions will dissipate allowing you to welcome life where all is well today.

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