Focusing Therapy

Focusing therapy is a process of listening intuitively
to your body, and your body’s wisdom in a kind,
gentle and accepting way.Through a mindful relaxation process,
I will gently guide you using focusing techniques helping you
to ‘go deeper’ into your concerns and issues
so you can experience a ‘felt shift’ or a bodily felt release
that can ‘shift’
you forward towards
what feels right
for you today in the here and now 

You will come to feel grounded in today experiencing an inner knowing or a space where ‘answers’ come like a breath of fresh air. You will feel better able to make new choices towards change, calmly  responding to the challenges and difficulties that you are be feeling in your life today. 

Focusing Therapy enhances your creativity, reduces your anxiety, stress and/or depression. You can begin to feel happier and healthier making more positive decisions and changes to you life today. If there’s an issue your struggling with, an uneasy feeling – when you listen to your body’s wisdom using these Focusing techniques it will guide you towards ‘fresh’ new meanings and possibilities that suddenly make sense! You learn you that are not your emotions, rather this being with your emotions or this part of you allows for ‘shift’ and change.

Eugene T. Gendlin, an American philosopher developed ways of thinking about and working with living process, the bodily felt sense and the ‘philosophy of the implicit’. Gendlin called it Focusing which begins “where existentialist philosophers left off, namely with the problem of just how symbols (thoughts, speech, other symbols) are related to, or based on, concrete experiencing … Every experience and event contains an implicit forward movement. To find this one must sense its unclear edge … because steps of change will come at those edges

I invite you to join me as I guide you through the Focusing process of relaxing, grounding, sensing inside until you can get a bodily felt sense of what maybe worrying you. You will be gently guided towards experiencing an unclear edge or a ‘felt shift’ that may come as a feeling of relief, elation, energy, clarity, freshness or gratefulness. You will experience a shift forward which moves you beyond any trappings of procrastination, anxiety, depression, emotional overwhelm, panic attacks and/or addictive patterns. You will have an sense of calm and peace with an inner knowing of your next best step forward and that all will be well.

“Your body knows the direction of healing and life… If you take time to listen to it through Focusing, it will give you the steps in the right direction”
Eugene Gendlin“What is this body-knowing?  It is the internal wisdom which we tend to ignore. Our bodies are able to sum up a whole situation into a special kind of experience called a felt sense. Felt senses are fresh; they look ahead; they are about what’s needed. When you learn Focusing, you learn how to get felt senses, be with them, and listen. From there, your whole life can change.”
Ann Weiser Cornell

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