Counselling for Everyone


Would you like to improve your relationships with yourself and others?
To be able to heal present and past problems and difficulties?
Do you suffer from self doubt, inner criticisms, depression, anger, anxiety, grief, loss, addictive behaviours, trauma, phobias, poor decision-making?

Give yourself the GIFT OF TIME OUT NOW! Explore what is really going on for you today, are all your needs and concerns being met? Are you living your life as you want it to be today? OR is life getting your down? Are you are finding it difficult to let go of some issues or concerns that are dragging you down? I can help you to discover what is really going on for you today and teach you new skills and techniques to live today – without the fear of what tomorrow may bring. Here’s how…

With INDIVIDUAL counselling sessions I can guide and teach you techniques to relax, listening to your body so you can find peace within yourself right here, right now. You will experience a new freedom towards making positive changes that follow your deepest desires, aspirations giving hope and new choices in your life today.  

As a  COUPLE  I can listen to all your concerns in a friendly, gently and kindly manner helping you with intimacy, commitment, separation, divorce, children, anger, grief, loss, anxiety, depression, suicide, and family safety issues. You will learn new techniques to relax, listen to what your body is trying to tell you so you will be better able to better communicate your desires, aspirations and passions to your partner. You will both learn new listening skills so  you can feel that you are being really listened to and heard by your partner.

Often what seems like a ‘huge’ FAMILY problem that has stopped communication with your loved ones, can be discussed as a family in private, friendly counselling and psychotherapy sessions. You maybe feeling ‘at your wit’s end’ around issues  involving school, friends, extended family, re-partnering, alcohol, drugs, abuse, violence and destructive behaviours.
I will listen closely to you and your family, supporting you all and teaching you new skills and techniques to express yourselves, to feel heard and understood by each other. You will each have new confidence in setting your boundaries, finding inner peace and honouring, respecting each other so you can live life in peace and harmony.

Whether you’re looking for a way forward, stuck in emotional pain or wanting peace of mind, you are here NOW beginning your first steps to the pathway of Help & Therapy 🙂

“It stuck me as odd that it had taken me so long to reach a feeling of sureness that there was something in me that would get on with the job of living without my continual tampering. I suppose I did not reach it until I had discovered how to sink down beneath the level of chattering thoughts and simply feel what it meant to be alive” A Life on One’s Own by M. Milner 

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